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We’ve moving out of this neck of the woods, to go up town to a new fancy place.

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Bull’s Blog 2

So another fairly busy few weeks for us. We’ve been through a couple more drummers and think we may have found our man. It’s been quite interesting playing with different people since Sam left. It certainly made us think of our songs in different ways, as everyone brings their own style when you’re playing live together. It was quite cool how each different person we played with played the songs in distinctively different ways. Some of it worked, a lot of it didn’t if we’re honest, but it was definitely cool to try a few things out. Recently we practiced with a friend of a friend of a friend, who we got on really well with and who was pretty enthusiastic about playing our songs which was cool. We haven’t finalised anything yet but we may well have found a winner, which would be great news if it pans out. Obviously as and when there’s ‘official news’ we’ll let you know.


Other than that, we’ve been recording some new material acoustically, which has also been fun. Firstly we did an acoustic version of a song that’s name has changed so many times in the year or so we’ve been playing it live. That’s mainly because the words kept changing but now that it’s recorded I guess I should probably think about sticking with what I’ve got. It sounds really good and very different from the full band electric version. That will probably be called ‘A Head of Ideas’ and we will hopefully be making that available as a free download at some point in the coming weeks. It was done totally DIY by Grice and me in a bedroom, which is why we can’t really do anything other than give it away free, much as we’d like to take lots of money off you all.


The other one we did was a newer song which we debuted at our gig at FAC251 back in April with Quenched Unsigned. It’s another song that hasn’t had lyrics or a name for some time, but is we’ve settled on ‘Anywhere, Anyway’. That was recorded with our good friend Pete Fergie and Adam …. This one was done with a bit more care as we’re planning to add it as a bonus track to the forthcoming ‘Numbers for Street Names’ EP in November. We’ve tried some new ideas with the vocals on this one, and it sounds quite good. Pete and Adam were really helpful in bringing some ideas to the fore in the making of this one so thanks to those guys again.


So that’s what we’ve been up to lately. Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages for more up to date news. Or to be honest, probably just general waffle, but it’ll be there anyway. Also look out for a fully blown website which we’re hoping to have up and running in the new few weeks.


‘til then.

Bull’s Blog No.1


We’re in the middle of a busy summer for the band, there’s a lot that’s been going on and lots more coming up. Unfortunately we start with some bad news; as many of you will already have heard, Sam Jones has left the band. He’s moving away from Manchester which is a real shame from our point of view as he’s been a really important part of what we’ve done so far. But we wish him well and hope everyone will do the same.


We’ve been on the look-out for a new stick-man and have played with a couple of guys who were both really great. We’re going to make sure we’ve got the right man before we make any final decisions so it may be a while before you hear something definitive. But rest assured there are some options and we won’t be stuck for too long.


We’ve also been busy focusing on releasing the EP, which we now think will have a November release date. This will be made up of the 4 tracks we recorded with Fred Kindt at Blueprint Studios in Manchester. A couple of the songs have already been released as singles, but two others will be brand new recordings (if not brand new songs!) that you won’t have heard before so keep your ears out for more details on that. That will coincide with about 5 or 6 dates in the biggest cities in the UK and Ireland, possibly venturing as far as Amsterdam. The dates are very nearly confirmed, so as soon as they are you’ll hear about it.


We are also in contact with some of the friends we’ve been making in different parts of the country to try to organise some smaller more intimate acoustic dates for the summertime. We’re looking to play a handful of dates during August. Ideally we’d like to play in some small venues, pubs etc. organised with our fans, so if anyone knows of anywhere we could play local to them in the North West then get in touch and we’ll try and get something organised.
PS For those of you based in or around Sheffield, we will be playing in the Tramline Festival this Sunday. We are set to play an Acoustic set on some sort of open top bus, which should be interesting. Our ‘stage’ time is 3pm on Sunday, not sure exactly where we’ll be playing, but we’ll let you know via Facebook, Twitter and the WordPress site as soon as we can.

Once again, thanks for your support, look forward to seeing you at a gig soon.



We are pleased to annouce that you can now download for free our single daybreak from clicking the image bellow!
Thanks again for your support

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M.E.N Paper Feature

This is our first ever paper feature, hopefully no our last

Stroll On

Apologies for the lack of update of late, but the good news is that we’ve been rather busy.

We had our first news paper feature on Friday with a page article in the Manchester Evening News. Followed by a cracking gig at FAC251 on Saturday.

For any of our artistic friends, please check out this new and upcoming artist from London

Mr Stroll on…http://strollonpic.wordpress.com/