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We are pleased to annouce that you can now download for free our single daybreak from clicking the image bellow!
Thanks again for your support

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Evening all,

The weekend was a busy one for the band. We’ve recorded two more tracks with out friend Fred Kindt again over at Blueprint. The sessions went remarkably smoothly with everything recorded with two hours to spare (new City Reign record).

The next single will be Daybreak and will feature a live performance of The Line at SSR.
Until the next time…

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Our friend Robbie Jones has let us use his work for the next single “daybreak”.  Please go over to his site and check out his work



City Reign boys

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Acoustic performance of new song “Anchor” for Manchester Scene Wipe

Filmed at the amazing Little Guitar Shop, Fallowfield


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To celebrate the “daybreak e.p” being released a year ago today (big day for us) …we’ve finally got round to releasing it online. You can download it from http://cityreign.bandcamp.com/album/daybreak-e-p

We have also added a shop to the site to purchase physical CDs over at http://cityreign.bigcartel.com/


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Firstly, Happy New Year, hope you had an enjoyable holiday period.

We, in particular Grice, have been pretty busy over the holidays getting the message out about our upcoming follow up single ‘Out In The Cold’, which is due out as a download only at the end of January. So far we have had a great response and have had a load of people giving it really positive reviews so it’s been an exciting start to 2011. This has included what, is to our knowledge, our first foreign language review. Reports are that it was positive, although we’re relying here on our resident Dutch translator for that one.

We are working hard to try and drum up a bit more of interest in the single and are hoping to get some radio play for it. We’ve already been in touch with internet radio station Radio 2XS who are set to playlist the single from Monday. We’re also talking to friends at AllFM and PureFM about getting back on to do some more promotion.

We are also still trying to put the bill together for our single launch party which will take place at the Ram and Shackle, Fallowfield on 29th January. It’s free entry, so make sure you don’t miss out. We went to a great night put on by our friends MCRScenewipe at Fuel Café in Withington, so hopefully we can do something similar.

Finally, a quick look back at what was a great year of 2010. We made a lot of big steps forward as a band, setting up the label, recording and releasing our debut single. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the pre-sale scheme for the ‘Making Plans’ single, and everyone who bought the single online, came to see us live, and generally gave us the support we rely on to do what we’re doing. The year ended with us being included in industry bible Music Weekly’s special Manchester edition EP. Hopefully this can help take us to a wider audience and build on what we’ve done so far.

You can find links to all of the reviews we’ve had so far on our facebook page which is updated regularly. That’s the best place to stay in touch with us and what we’re up to, so make sure you ‘like’ the fan page if you are on facebook.

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